Hi Year 4! Congratulations to Madeeya for being the first to correctly guess the objects last time. Here are 2 new pictures for you to guess… Object 1: Object 2: […]

Hi everybody, Below are 2 close-up photos of object/s. Your job is to tell me what you think they are. The first person with correct answers in the comments box […]

Hi Year 3 and 4! Miss Steele and Mr Rawlings have finally got the blog working (with a little help from Mrs Van Den Bosch!) As you know, this term […]

In the final week of this half term you, along with the rest of Key Stage 2, are putting on a Christmas concert. This year’s concert is called Santa’s On […]

Year 4's Ancient Egypt Assembly!

Last Friday, Year 4┬áled an assembly for the whole school and mums and dads all about Ancient Egypt. Some of the children demonstrated how Pharaohs were mummified after their death. […]